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Amendment of Headers

An inspection of the site statistics shows that many visitors are looking at the posts and a few selected pages but not the written work listed under the heading About.  As the understanding of this research is set out there I have taken these headings and placed them as stand-alone sections in the Home page.  Now the top line of headers on the home page set out the story of this work whilst the second and third line describe all the alignments.

Shackleford Church added to COMPTON LINE

Plan of Shackleford Church

Site plan Shackleford Church

In 1862 the Reverend Archdall Buttermer purchased a site for a church and parsonage in the hamlet of Norney.  The site was chosen as being equidistant from the villages of Shackleford, Eashing and Hurtmore.  The church, designed by George Gilbert Scott, was consecrated in 1865 and dedicated to St Mary.

The accuracy of the location, being on one of the ten degree rays, is extraordinary but there seems no evidence that the positioning can be anything but coincidental.  Clutching at straws – Scott, as a famous architect, would almost certainly have been a freemason.  Was there a secret knowledge of alignments?  As I said – clutching at straws!

Shackleford Church from the SE

Shackleford Church from the SE

Shackleford Church from the West

Shackleford Church from the West



Shere Church added to SHERE LINE

Shere Church, dedicated to St James, is lucky to be a rare example of a medieval structure relatively unspoilt by Victorian restoration.  It is thought that the earliest parts date from the late 11th century. It almost certainly has Saxon origins, as has Albury Old Church 1DM west.

Site plan Shere Church

Shere Church

Shere Church from the south

Shere graveyard

From the west end of the church looking down Church Lane in line with Albury Old Church.