A little background about myself…..I was born in Guildford, the county town of Surrey, in 1943 and lived there until I was married. In 1976 we moved to Ewhurst in Surrey not far from the Sussex border. Our two children are now in their thirties and we have two grandsons. My first job after leaving Guildford School of Art was as a cartographic draughtsman with the Central Electricity Generating Board, but hankering after the outdoor life, I trained as a land surveyor, a job which took me all over the British Isles. In 1970 I became self-employed, eventually retiring in September 2012 as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Building . I now do part-time consultancy and manage some land survey work from my garden office. My aim is to spend at least one day a week making site visits, researching and writing.

The location plan below shows the alignments in relation to the settlements in the area.  This plan will not mean a lot until it is viewed in conjunction with the alignment pages.

Overall Location Plan


The illustrations are all in JPEG format.  All site plans and alignment illustration plans are attached to the relevant pages as PDF links, as immediately above, as well as JPEG illustrations.   This will allow plans to be viewed and, if required, printed to scale by clicking on the blue text below the JPEG.  To view a PDF (Portable Document File) it may be necessary to download a suitable program.  The best free reader is Adobe Acrobat, but most modern computers will have a PDF reader installed.

The header photograph is St Martha’s Hill photographed from Newlands Corner Barrow.

All plans and photographs are by the author unless otherwise credited and are copyright.  Ordnance Survey extracts are reproduced with permission.  Licence number 100022432.  Crown copyright.  All rights reserved.

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  1. Adrian Hall


    I live in Fairlands, in Worplesdon parish. I have always suspected that the promontory at the southern end of Jordan Hill, which is surrouonded by apparently medieval banks, and is the site of several modern dwellings, alongside the church, by the junction of Holly Lane and Perry Hill, must be the site of an ancient settlement. Local archaeologists say they have found no evidence to suggest this. I was just browsing your site and it occurred to me to look at the relationship between this site, the bronze age ditch at 51.272 -0.5864 on Whitmoor Common, and the Mount Pleasant Barrow. I have only looked at this visually on Google satellite view, but was very surprised to see that they appear to align. A more accurate measurement might disprove this, but I would be interested in your thoughts.


    Adrian Hall

    1. mikepeer Post author

      Hi Adrian, I was very interested to receive your comment and apologise for the long delay in replying. I have been overwhelmed with work and my research has been sadly neglected. I have looked at this area on Google Earth and I will email you a capture of the area with my nearest reference marked on it for further discussion.


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