Crooksbury Barrows

The CROOKSBURY LINE at around 232 degrees would seem to be aligned to the mid-winter sunset.  At just over 7 Druid Miles (DM) the line passes through St Bartholomew’s Church at Wanborough. At just over 8 DM, and on the extremity of visibility, lies the site of the Hogs Back Barrow on a high ridge which appears to be the aiming point for the midwinter sunset.  The line then passes close by Hillbury Hillfort, but it is another alignment which passes through the fort itself, and then carries on to Culverswell Barrow.   Although precisely on the line it is slightly beyond the 12 DM point at the crest of the hill. Carrying on down the hill the alignment terminates between two very close tumuli known as Crooksbury Barrows. Nothing has so far been found beyond this point.

Culverswell Hill from Crooksbury Barrows

Culverswell Hill on horizon seen from Crooksbury Barrows looking north east before forestry clearance work

At this time I have been unable to trace any records of archaeological investigation on this site.  The internet reveals detail of the location but otherwise draws a blank.  Inspection of the mounds shows no sign of historic digging and the condition of the barrows would seem entirely due to erosion.

Plan of Crooksbury Barrows

Site Plan Crooksbury Barrows

Crooksbury Common east barrow seen from west barrow

Crooksbury Common north west barrow seen from south east barrow



South east barrow from top of north west barrow

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