Chilworth Moat

266_10.5 Chilworth Moat

266_10.5 Chilworth Moat

: An internet search reveals little information on this site.  From memory I recall a trial excavation being carried out some years ago which revealed very little of interest.

Since writing the above I have come across a report in the Surrey Archaeological Collection number 98. This report is titled ‘Excavations at East Shalford Manor in 1962 by A J (Tony) Clark’.  It is clear from the location plan that this is the site I have called Chilworth Moat. It is described as being in a pasture called Poundley’s Meadow.

Unfortunately the excavation report was not completed before his untimely early death and the archive lodged with the Guildford Museum is incomplete.  The earliest remains would appear to date from the 12th century with some evidence that the site was still in use in the 15th century.

Chilworth Moat from South

This site sits in a scrubby meadow just to the north of Chilworth village.  Although it is private land it appears to be well used by local dog walkers.  It is very difficult to make out the moat and I had to locate it using my handheld GPS.  In the photograph the slight depression is visible as a change in the colour of the grass across the picture.  Behind the site the Tillingbourne flows from right to left in the line of trees, eventually entering the River Wey behind Shalford Church.  Beyond the trees the land rises to the wooded area known as The Chantries.

St Marthas from Moat

St Martha’s Church seen from the site one and a half kilometres away.



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