The last post titled ‘Developments’ was sent out by mistake.  It is one of the header articles which I was attempting to tidy.  Why it posted itself I have no idea!

Whilst in lockdown I thought I would get back to resurrecting the blog, which has suffered much neglect of late, and begin by attempting to sort out various unsatisfactory elements.  I am aware that it is not easy to navigate and I plead ignorance of the more subtle aspects of WordPress.     I think I am reasonably computer literate but the little grey cells are letting me down these days.

My son is trying to change me from WordPress to Squarespace, which he uses professionally, and it looks as though this will give my jaded enthusiasm the required boost – We shall see.

Meanwhile, I have another new site to add to one of my alignments, to be included when I have a little more information.

2 thoughts on “Progress?

  1. Adrian Hall

    Hi Mike. I thought it seemed familiar! Keep up the good work. It’s fascinating.

    1. mikepeer Post author

      Thanks Adrian, I am now going to spend some time on this – at the moment things are getting lost within the site. For example my recent post on the newly found cave at St Catherine’s Hill is somewhere in the middle of the blog!


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